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We have “101 Everyday Reasons” why you need our legal services plan. Listed below are several benefits of our plan:

  • Preparation of a Living Will or Medical Power of Attorney
  • Identity Protection
    Almost 9 million victims of identity theft annually - and the average victim spends 40 hours and $6,383 to resolve the case. (Javelin Strategy & Research, 2005)
  • Legal advice on credit matters
  • Review of legal documents: lease agreement, patent, or copyright
  • Legal assistance buying or selling a home
  • Legal services dealing with property damaged
  • Representation for your small business
    In 2005, one of our long time clients used the services of his plans to obtain a full refund ($1200) on a defective piece of equipment.

Individual and Family Market
Our legal service plan has served over 1.5 million families for the past three decades. Our members have access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events. Our members are able to utilize our network of professional legal counsel at a moments notice.

Small Business Owners
Bottom line, this legal service plan is one of the best investment a small business owner can make. Can you afford to have full time legal counsel on your payroll? Our legal service plan is the next best thing to having your own legal staff! A membership that pays for itself....

  • Over 60,000 legal forms, so don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Protect yourself and your business from the effects of identity theft.
    In 2005, I personally received letters from two different organizations alerting me that security of personnel records had been compromised. I wonder how much did this security breach cost these organizations? How would your business handle such a situation?
  • Risk Analysis: Understand the liability exposure for your business before it happens.

So, why wait until you are in a situation to try to find a lawyer when you can tap into a system that allows you to have lawyers standing by to help you?

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