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For some, this book is a must READ given the current employment condition which they find themselves. For others, it is a must read due to impending changes which might occur during their working life. Regardless of your current employment situation, the author states it best by asserting that “Your rainy day is coming”. The question is do you possess the necessary life skills to maintain or excel during times of financial uncertainty.

This is truly the ‘Worst of times’ for some of working America! The unprecedented meltdown of the financial and real estate industry caused by the subprime lending crisis, coupled with a prolonged (2 year) downsizing of major automotive manufacturers and their suppliers has displaced over 400,000 working Americans from their once seemingly safe and secure jobs. This is a scenario which the author of “The Pocket Guide To Life Skills” has first hand experience. He was downsized in September 2002. Read about the financial survival skills this highly educated and trained mechanical engineer learned during his ‘rainy days (years)’ of unemployment from the engineering field and how he survived!

Key Points from the Author:

1. Anyone not living comfortably within their means needs this guide to basic Life Skills.
2. You need to have multiple streams of income.
3. Spend less time entertaining yourself and more time educating yourself.
4. Periodically review your insurance needs to adjust coverage and save money.
5. “Your rainy day is coming”, so prepare now.

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